Monday, October 4, 2010

Liberty View Farms

A few weekends ago I went to Liberty View Farms with a dear friend. Because sometimes we just can't find enough nature in the city. We need a country fix to unwind and slow down to the pace of the crickets singing and the sun changing the shadows on the open road before us. We apple picked with old rickety wooden apple pickers. Skipping through the rows of organic Empires we enjoyed one of the last hot days at the beginnings of fall. We pet the goats, inspected the field of kale, cautiously walked among the white turkeys, and watched the fashionable hens pecking at the ground strewn with apples. We lay in the grass and breathed in the nature and the apple scented air. Then we bought some squash, onions, and other delicious things such as apple turnover from Billiam's farm stand and went on our merry way.

(front) (inside)

I made this card for my sister's birthday. It's a Linoleum cut. It makes me want to eat cake right now, although not while wearing a corset. The rice paper I printed on was a little too soft, the texture is off so I need to reprint.