Monday, April 16, 2012

Recent Works

The Writer, 2012, 51x54, oil on canvas

Self-Portrait (In Grass), 2012, 64x76, oil on canvas

Self-Portrait (Warm, Cool), 2011, 28x22, oil on canvas

Self-Portrait (In Black and White), 2011, 30x24 ,oil on canvas

Self-Portrait (In Green and Red), 2011, 40x 30, oil on canvas

Carrots on Windowsill, 2011, 9x11.5, oil on canvas

Citrus and Blue Bowl, 2011, 10x10, oil on canvas

Purple Onions, 2011, 11x14, oil on canvas

Man with his Shadow, 2012, 42x43, charcoal on paper

Study in Red, 2011, 20.5x 16.5. red chalk on paper

Self-Portrait (Late Night), 2012, 16.5x 12, charcoal on paper