Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The last days for planting.

Last week it occurred to me that I should be economical and plant some bulbs. It has been getting colder by the day and I was running out of time before the first frost. Although now it has warmed back up again, because it is New York and the weather is unpredictable, especially in the fall. On a partially cloudy, not so cold day I ventured out to the stoop and surveyed the state of it. Dead leaf debris and copious amounts of cigarette butts would have to be cleared away from my slowly fading perennials before I could even get down to the business of digging holes for the bulbs. It has been a constant battle this year between trash and plant life but I have done my best and have learned that part of the fun of urban gardening is the challenge.

I hope the daffodils make it through the winter. I was told recently, after I had already planted the bulbs, that they may not grow in a stoop with the constant freezing and thawing of the elevated ground. I am not sure if the stoop's soil is deep enough to protect the big bulbs from winter and they may not flower. They have already been planted though, and if they don't come up in the springtime to say hello, lesson learned. Perhaps the smaller bulbs (galanthus and crocus) will emerge.

Playing at florist.

The other week when my friend got married she asked me to do the flowers for her dinner rehearsal. I found myself mid day, the day of, in the flower district surrounded by tall bunches of curly willow and rows of decorative green and purple cabbages. It was overwhelming and fun to track down the stores that would sell to me in a land of wholesale and figure out how to focus among all the options. I had to find something that would fit in wine bottles (the bride's vase of choice) and something that would remind people it was autumn despite the humidity and rain of the day. I ended up deciding blush toned dahlias were the answer coupled with berries (some related to eucalyptus and some other red berries that apparently were some form of pepper). I later decided something was missing and added a hand full of deeper colored dahlias from my favorite local flower shop back in Brooklyn. I decided there needed to be more color for the dining room was white from floor to ceiling.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

When college friends get married...

You get to make them fun cards. One of my closest friends from college got married last Saturday. I drove to the border of Jersey and PA for the occasion and it was a lovely ceremony with traditional vows and a party after at the country club with a spread of too much food and booze and the best of company. This seems to be the year of marriage for my fellow Syracuse alums and it makes me feel old and it makes me feel happy and most of all it makes me feel in awe of my friends for their willingness to dive head first into a life of commitment and twos. To trust in the love you have for someone and the love they have for you is remarkable. And so I toast to all my friends out there brave and lucky enough to find such happiness this year. It has gotten me thinking about marriage and love and as a result I have been having some fun with wedding card ideas. The one posted here is the card I made for the happy couple of last weekend's wedding. My friend is a guy and it is I must say quite girly but the present was masculine.

(back of card) (front of card)
(inside of card)

all images above © 2009 by Ivy Hickam