Monday, November 30, 2009

sheep need wool scarves?

but of course they do. starting in on my holiday cards. very into plaid this season. here are some wooly friends to start the season's greetings out with.

(front of card)

(inside of card)

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

gobble gobble.

(front of card)

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. This is a silly card I made about being grateful for what you have in the world. It is of a cute squirrel, yes. But it shows how the simplest things in life are what matter. The simplest things in life that I have and may take for granted most of the time, such as food and warmth and home, other people don't have. Sometimes when you are walking down the street and in a moment are reminded of this you realize you actually in fact have life pretty damn great. I am thankful for these basic necessities. I am also thankful for my family who I will miss tomorrow and love. I am thankful for my dear old friends who are out of town and who I wish a happy day of thanks to. And I am thankful for my friends who I will get to share the day with. What are you thankful for? It's good to think about.

(inside of card)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I dos.

(back of card) (front of card)

Last wedding card this year? Perhaps. So it had to be unconventional. I got the lovely couple a stylish bike bag for picnicking because marriage is not a picnic...unless you are of course on a picnic, and then it is! Or if you are newlyweds, in love, always doing romantic things such as going on picnics. The weather has been crazy warm in New York this November and I think we all need to take advantage of that before winter finally decides to make an appearance and we shut our windows and become partial hermits until April.

(inside of card)

images above © 2009 by Ivy Hickam

Jazz Rabbits?

Why not. This is a blank card I made for a friend who asked me to make him a thank you card he could give to his student's parent (he is a musician).

Sunday, November 8, 2009


All Hallows' Eve came and went last weekend so I'm a bit late posting the photos of my pumpkin carving but better late than never. One pumpkin from the farmer's market was big and green and the color of a mango inside and too thick to carve very easily so I cut leaf shape holes in it all around and it ended up like a pumpkin lantern. Also more importantly it made a delicious soup. I used my friend's recipe for butternut squash soup and just substituted pumpkin as the main ingredient. My other pumpkin from the local grocery I managed to thin out from the inside and carve into (not all the way through) with my lino and woodcutting tools to create a creepy owl. A hoot of a good time.