Thursday, September 4, 2014

In my last week…a day rediscovering Altos

Monday, August 4th

My favorite women, the Argentineans who came to teach stop motion, got stuck in town for a day due to the hurricane off shore.  What luck for me.  We walked around Altos de Chavón like fresh-eyed visitors, peeking into labyrinths of hanging flowers and ending up at an unmarked door.  We had found out was where the local ceramicists did their work.  The artisans here make all of the ceramics for the neighboring resort and homes at Casa de Campo.  Stacks of unpainted red clay light fixtures with cut diamonds sit on the floor and nearby smiling men sit cutting away.

Then we popped our heads into classrooms to see what was going on at the school that day.  Ian was teaching his class on Anatomy.  When we walked in, a large group of students were peering over his shoulder in silence as he explained the structure of the human head.  I had nostalgia for my days at NYAA.  A few days later I peaked into the fashion design class to see what some of my former students were up to.  There were such beautiful things being created in Carol’s class-- color and texture and even figures with animal heads

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