Thursday, September 4, 2014

The arrivals

Tuesday August 5th, and Wednesday, August 6th

My last few days are here and as I ready myself to depart, the other NYAA alumni, Lily Koto Olive and Alfonso Gosálbez Berenguer, who will be staying at Altos for the next month, arrive. The overlapping gives us the opportunity to exchange experience for excitement anew.  What better way to say hello and goodbye to the people coming and going this week than the go to the beach at sunset and eat some fried fish.  Carmen, her husband, and their little dog took all the professors in the van for dinner at Bayahíbe.  I finally drank from a coconut and we swam as our dinner cooked.  We were setting up a game of dominos when it started to pour, so we moved into the restaurant's adjoining gift shop and ate our fish and tostones among wooden parrots and colorful shirts.       

Being done with my class, my goal is to go to the beach as much as possible these last few days. Although I find that in my evenings I can’t tear myself away from the print shop.  The three Academy alums that are not teaching this week hop the van to Minitas beach, we get there and it downpour five minutes after we arrive.  We wait it out, getting rained on as we sip our espressos under our towels, under the edge of the bar.  It is worth it, the skies clear and we spend our day sketching under the beach umbrellas and watching the tourists play with their kids.  I walked down the beach and found a tide pool I had not seen the whole month I’d been down here and watched the stealthy crabs move in the rocks.  I took my time walking back letting the warm sea pull around my feet as I stood there sinking into the sand.

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